Friday, February 20, 2015

March Classes

In January, I taught a three-week course on urban poultry titled "Urban Chicken Boot Camp" held at City Folks Farm Shop. It was a great class with great local folks attending. We've had enough interest to schedule another class, starting March 18th. Visit City Folks Farm Shop for details and sign-up information.

Chicken Boot Camp

2015 Home and Garden Show

Last night I braved the fierce cold (4F with wind) to prresent a talk on urban poultry at the Columbus Home and Garden show. We had several interested folks attend the show. If you missed my talk, "The Cluck Factor: Adding Poultry to your Urban Landscape", I've posted a link here. There is no text or dialog with the presentation, but the pretty pics may be inspiring.

The Cluck Factor: Adding Poultry to Your Urban Landscape

If you want more, check out my upcoming class, "Urban Chicken Boot Camp", at City Folks Farm Shop.

Urban Chicken Boot Camp

Hang on, Spring is coming!